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Six spindle turning

In F.M.I. Dussen we have access to a number of six spindle turning machines including a CNC six spindle turning machines.

The products of F.M.I. Dussen are used in a wide variety of sectors. The two most important ones are the automotive industry and the fitting industry. However, our products are highly valued in other sectors as well.

Automotive industry
One of the sectors in which F.M.I. Dussen products are frequently used is the automotive industry, for example in vehicle air-conditioning pipes. A number of our high-quality components feature in the Volvo XC90, as well as in other leading makes and models.

Fitting market
F.M.I. Dussen knows all the ins and outs of the fitting market. A while range of customers are already familiar with our product quality. Besides supplying a variety of OEM customers in the fitting sector, we also sell a complete range of steel, zinc-coated locking rings and pressure fittings. A great deal has been invested, particularly in recent years, in the production of press fittings and we now supply a complete package at competitive prices. Our press fittings are marketed at home and abroad to private label customers, as well as under our own successful ANBO fittings label.

F.M.I. Dussen also produces components which are used outside the two primary sectors. Of course these products fulfil the same strict quality standards which we apply to all our solutions. The products in question are, for example, used in:
• the hydraulics sector
• high-end fire extinguishing systems