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F.M.I. Dussen


Six spindle turning

In F.M.I. Dussen we have access to a number of six spindle turning machines including a CNC six spindle turning machines.

At F.M.I. Dussen we have at our disposal a number of six spindle machines, including a CNC six spindle. Because these machines machine at 6 positions at the same time they can achieve exceptionally short cycle times and a high degree of automation which is directly reflected in the (lower) cost price.

We also have a 100% CNC controlled six spindle, a machine which combines the flexibility of a six spindle with that of a CNC machine. For example, this machine offers c-axis options and these make it possible to drill diagonal holes, groove, mill, etc. within a single cycle.

The materials we can machine on the six spindle device are: steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass.

The machines have a range of round 10 to round 46 (hexagon 8 to hexagon 46).