operations at

F.M.I. Dussen


Six spindle turning

In F.M.I. Dussen we have access to a number of six spindle turning machines including a CNC six spindle turning machines.

For smaller batches of products we use universal CNC machines. The smart way we have arranged these machines means they are lean in usage and allow us to implement the ‘single piece flow’ principle in practice. What is more, the CNC machines are an excellent addition to the six spindles and transfer machines. We can, for example, produce basic components of large batches and then continue machining them on a CNC machine.

Our CNC lathes can be used for products up to a diameter of round 62 (hexagon 55) from bar. In the case of large dimensions we can process the products in the machine individually.

This means diameters of up to 400mm are possible.
As regards milling, the maximum milling bed available to us is between 1,200 and 800 mm.