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F.M.I. Dussen


Six spindle turning

In F.M.I. Dussen we have access to a number of six spindle turning machines including a CNC six spindle turning machines.


Six spindle turning

At F.M.I. Dussen we have at our disposal a number of six spindle machines, including a CNC six spindle. Because these machines machine at 6 positions at the same time they can achieve exceptionally

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We use our transfer machines for larger batches of 15,000 items or more. One advantage of these machines is that they can produce asymmetrical products within short cycle times.

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CNC Turning and Milling

For smaller batches of products we use universal CNC machines. The smart way we have arranged these machines means they are lean in usage and allow us to implement the ‘single piece flow’ principle in practice.

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Tool and die shop

In addition to the production machines, F.M.I. Dussen also has its own tool and die shop. This is where we grind various machined tools such as (profiled) drills, milling tools and chisels.

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Tube machining

F.M.I. Dussen is an expert in tube machining. We can bend tubes up to a diameter of 42. We can also are specialised carry out tube end forming whether loaded by robot or otherwise.

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If the production or machining of individual parts is just one step in your manufacturing process, we can also help with the assembly of these parts.

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At F.M.I. Dussen we can, of course, arrange for the various products to be finished correctly. This not only vibratory finishing to deburr and polish, but also washing/degreasing using an industrial washing machine.

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